Tips to loose weight being at home

Are you fat ? are you obese , and you thinking to loose some weight ? Being at home ? So in these articles i will write about the tips to loose few pound of your extra weight without doing any sort of physical exercise and just following some set of tips or say rules !  First  of all you will need to know your Body condition’s  i.e whether you weight is ideal or not?(Body  mass index) and , You will  need to know that exactly how much weight you will need to loose :- so check this page to know your ideal weight ! Ideal body weight

so now  comes the core part of article , so first of all you will  have to keep an eye on what you eat and what you drink , an ideal amount of Energy(in calories) required by  normal person is 1800-2000 calories for male and it’s 1600-1800 calories for female. So whatever access amount of calories you eat , it will be directly converted into fat.

So i will write stepwise procedure of the things you will have to do and i’m sure if you follow these tip’s it wiill definitely help you shres some amount of your weight!.

Step 1

And thus if you are going with Tips as per my plan First of all you will  need to do is  note down the food that you take on everyday basis and how much calories it contains. Food you eat may vary from day to day , so just do one thing ,  make a weekly diet chart , i.e it  should contain all  the food items  that you eat from monday to sunday and beside it right the calories in it!

Step 2

Now since you have  noted down all  your diet , second tips is that ,just sum up the total amount of calories . You will notice that , it would turn up to be between 2000-2200 calories for a normal fat person having  BMI  27 or more , so you must feed thing in your mind that all you need is maximum 1800 calories to stay healthy. now since you are about to loose some weight we need to set the calorie count to 1500 calories. so promise yourself you won’t have food   more than 1500 calories. So a normal 1500 calorie deit would look somewhat like this  :-

Breakfast :- Banana shake (283 calorie)

Morning Snack :- 1 wheat bread with 1 tablespoon jam  /honey (if you use butter , use in very few pappleroportion )(154 calorie)

Lunch:- Power salad–toss 2 mugs lettuce, 1 container hacked crude vegetables, 1 hard-bubbled egg, 2 Tbsp. raisins and 2 Tbsp. almonds with 2 Tbsp. low-fat balsamic dressi.

Evening Snack:- 1 small apple or any other fruit. (154 calorie)

Dinner:-Quinoa bowl–stir-sear 1/2 container diced additional firm tofu and 1 mug diced broccoli & carrots in 2 tsp. canola oil. Blend in 1/2 tsp. sesame oil & 2 tsp. soy sauce. Serve in excess of 1 container cooked quinoa and top with 1 Tbsp. of peanuts

Now after being confident that you are not going to have more than 1500 calorie diet and you will follow it anyhow, just stick to it and dont eat more than 1500 calorie , not even a single gram  wafers.


Step 3

Drink water in immense quantity , a normal person needs atleast 2-3 litres of water per day , As a part of weight loss program drinking more amount of water is very important , as water helps in removing the impurities in the body and drinking sufficient amount of water helps you to shred more amount of weight. Moreover you should drink sufficient water at regular time interval , because consuming excessive amount of water at once is also harmful.

step 4

After you successfully follow above three steps , step 4 will help you to reduce your weight in faster way. A bit proportion of physical exercises are also necessary , so i am not suggesting you to go to gym and have workout sessions , but you can have some physical exercise in your daily routine too . Here i go how can be they,use_staircase

  • Avoid Lift, use staircase , staircase involves great involvement of your thighs and calves muscles and it can help you to stay fit , as  it inolves up-down movement in large  context.
  • If you have to go to nearer place like 1-1.5 kms , prefer to  walk instead of going for taxi or cab.
  • If you are in I.T firm prefer to walk through the office in free time , this will help you to relax legs and hips muscles.
  • After  having heavy diet have some walk like 2-3 kms with your date or wife  , it will  help in both way , u will be able to have same physical activity and it will sound romantic  too. (walking is only preferable after 30 mins of dinner/lunch)
  • Get an bicycle and use it for less distances instead of using car, as cycling is very good sport.

So it’s all done with the diet and exercise , now i will provide you some tips which you have to follow it strictly to avoid the failure of your  diet plan

  1. Don’t eat aerated drinks like cococola,thumbsup,etc as they  are harmful to health as well as they lower the metabolism of your weight loss plan
  2. Moreover avoid junk foods , it creates huge pressure on stomach to digest such food.
  3. Instead of simple bread prefer wheat Bread , wheat bread have low calories and are easy to digest.
  4. Cutoff the amount of fatty food you eat to  negligible.
  5. Eat low calorie food like carrot, cucumber , salad ,etc
  6. If you have an heavy diet on one time , then balance the diet on other time.  Like if you are consuming 1000 calories in lunch , make sure you won’t take more than 500 calories for rest of day.
  7. Dont forget to drink enough amount of water.
  8. Eat sprouts , boil them and some salt and mirchi to eat and have it , it also tastes good and also it is good for health.

Have a good day. Hope this will help you

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